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Welcome to Real Estate Media's home page. We hope you find our website both informative and helpful. It's no secret that commercial real estate firms have hundreds of general sign companies to choose from to satisfy their sign needs. Real Estate Media is not part of that very large group. Real Estate Media is the only sign company to publicly state “we don't want any other sign business, just the commercial real estate signs please”.

It is our unrelenting commitment to the commercial real estate industry that allows us to provide very competitive pricing along with rock solid service that provides a tremendous value to our customers. We are here to help commercial real estate companies efficiently market their properties. Our assistance is readily available, all you have to do is contact us.

Sign Tips
  • "Signs are a 24/7 salesperson. The ROI is very favorable and any business will benefit from investing more in their signs than their competition". Source: Marketing 101 For Dummies
  • "Science says signs with borders are 26% more readable than signs with out borders. Source: Sign Magazine
  • "V- Shape signs are the most visible installation format for commercial real estate signs. Source: Sign Magazine
  • "Science says sans serif fonts(i.e. helvetica or arial) are 39% easier to read at a glance than serif fonts(i.e. Times Roman). Source Sign Magazine
  • "A consistent & easy to read sign layout offers the most benefit to the branding efforts of any company.

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